Paris subway fire safety supervised by CLEARSY Railway

The first secure supervision system for the fire safety systems of the Paris subway was commissioned. This system, designed and […]

système anticollision
Marseille Subway : CLEARSY develops an anti-collision system Railway

CLEARSY secures line 2 of the Marseille subway with its new system. The system has entered into service at the […]

panneau arret train CLEARSY web FR
Train stopping aid system: A Lightboard to help you find the perfect stop Railway

Train stopping aid system: CLEARSY is providing SNCF with the benefit of its successful experience for the Stockholm metro with […]

rocade L2 SIL2
Self-evacuation and smoke extraction devices for the Marseille L2 ring road (link A7-A50), certified SIL2 Fire safety

CLEARSY is carrying out the safety documentation for the closure, self-evacuation and smoke extraction systems for the tunnels of the […]

modernisation du système de pilotage embarqué SBB
CLEARSY develops the software of a test onboard control system for the Swiss railways Railway

Associated with the modernization of the on-board control system of Swiss trains on behalf of SBB, CLEARSY called upon the […]

CLEARSY ctrl zone et vitesse web FR
Marseille Subway – CLEARSY delivers an innovative system to secure the terminus of line 2 Railway

Marseille Subway: CLEARSY delivers an innovative system to secure the terminus of line 2. The dimensions of the tunnel at […]

New version of Atelier B for Mac-OS Computer science

Atelier B 4.5 is a Community Edition version, freely downloadable. After Linux and Windows, the installer allows now the execution […]

A new logo, a new baseline Company

With this new logo CLEARSY affirms its positioning in designing safety solutions. Bringing together high-level engineers and doctors, design and […]

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