A CLEARSY soft-cost range of products focus on light rail and tram

10 August 2023

For almost 10 years, CLEARSY has been involved in light rail signaling projects (renovations, extensions, or new lines). As usual, we focus on safety matter, so our main concern is interlocking control via SIL4-certified off-the-shelf PLCs, safety relays and Automatic Train Stop (ATS) system. These lightweight solutions facilitate design, certification, deployment and, of course, maintenance throughout the system’s lifetime, and make it easy to renew.

CLEARSY’s experience in interlocking projects means that we have a highly efficient, industrialized process, with automated test tools, high level of safety certified by ISA, within a reduced and under control cost compared to other solutions. The larger the zone scope (number of routes, track equipment, etc.), the greater the difference in cost and cabinet volume compared with a solution based on relay logic, while reducing site testing time due to an exhaustive factory pre-validation.

CLEARSY’s automatic train braking system (ATS) stops the train when a red signal is crossed, thus avoiding the risk of collision on single-track sections.

It doesn’t need train location information (odometer) and doesn’t need any train localization system installation. It’s only necessary to install one beacon connected to the signal. So, CLEARSY’s ATS system is very simple to install and avoids installing a more complex system based on an odometer and a cartography.

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