CLEARSY meets the needs of operators wishing to install platform screen doors

8 August 2023

CLEARSY offers a number of solutions for the various phases of platform door installation projects:

  • Pre-project: feasibility, choice of doors: in this phase, CLEARSY’s COPPILOT system, which is completely external to the train and independent of the signalling system, can control the landing doors in complete safety (SIL3 or 4) on the platforms and the pilot stations required.
  • Line renovation: landing doors, installation at each station. Existing trains can be pre-equipped with CLEARSY’s DOF system, so that landing doors can be installed on the line, station by station. DOF is an independent SIL3-certified system.
  • Automation: in this phase, the new trains are safely injected into the line replacing train by train  the old ones; the landing doors are controlled by DOF or by the new system’s automatic controls.

For lines equipped with automated systems (CBTC) integrating platform screen door control, the COPPILOT system can be installed as an auxiliary “BACK-UP” system to take over door control in the event of CBTC unavailability, and before, during the landing door installation phase and the CBTC migration and fine-tuning phase.