The CLEARSY platform screen gate monitoring system for the Honolulu metro is in operation

3 August 2023

The Honolulu metro is equipped with STANLEY platform screen doors, which are controlled by the HITACHI Automatic Train Control (ATC) system, integrating STANLEY Train Door Control Units (DCUs). CLEARSY has developed a supervision, maintenance and operation system based on its DAME product, customized to meet the functional requirements of the HART (Honolulu Area Rapid Transit) end customer.

This equipment, essential for managing a station’s landing doors, was deployed in each of the 9 stations in the first section, between East Kapolei and Aloha Stadium. Commissioning was successfully completed on June 20, 2023. To date, there are still 12 stations to be equipped, spread over 3 additional sections.

With the success of this project, CLEARSY has demonstrated its ability to meet complex functional challenges in a heterogeneous environment, by supplying a turnkey supervision system that is both ergonomic and high-performance.