CLEARSY is involved in the renovation of Corsican railroad signalling (France)

26 June 2023

CLEARSY is supplying its ATS SIL2 system (Automatic Train Stop) as part of the renovation of the Corsican rolling stocks. The system will be integrated on 3 types of trains, old and new generations, for a minimum of 15 trains and 80 points to be protected. This safety system stops the train when a red signal is crossed, thus avoiding the risk of collision on single-track sections. On the line in question, trains meet at village stations.

CLEARSY is proud to play its part in improving safety by replacing the old system with its SIL2-certified system, as has been done in France for the Valenciennes and Nice tramways, and for the Rhônexpress tram-train in Lyon.

In addition, as part of this project, CLEARSY is designing the interlocking logic for the entire Bastia-Ajaccio line, right up to SIL4 certification of all interlocking software. The project involves 12 stations and a total of some 400 routes.