Safe, communicating light infrastructure for renewing track on secondary lines

2 February 2024

INFRAlight, a winning France 2030 project supported by ADEME, is an innovator in rail infrastructure.

It proposes composite material tracks, installed on piles, to reduce the carbon footprint of railway metallurgy. CLEARSY, as a partner, is developing integrated communication and train location technologies, creating a fully connected track.

The communication part ensures high data throughput, optimizing rail operations and improving passenger services. The locating part, independent of any type of rolling stock, guarantees simple, reliable, and safety-critical positioning of trains. Integrating these technologies directly into the track eliminates the need for additional work to install trackside systems, making the infrastructure simpler and more efficient. In addition, the track incorporates fault detection functionalities, enhancing the safety and efficiency of the infrastructure.

The aim of the entire infrastructure is to drastically reduce implementation and operating costs, so as to enable the renewal of secondary tracks and accommodate light trains.