Système d’arrêt automatique du tramway de Rouen
Automatic stopping system project for the Rouen tramway

CLEARSY is assisting the Rouen conglomeration (project manager) in the installation and commissioning of an automatic stoppage system for the […]

System level formal (proof based) verification for the cbtc of New York’s line 7 (flushing)

CLEARSY has developed a system formal verification for the CBTC of New York subway line 7, using the B method. […]

Vital Embedded Settings Generator (VESG)
Zone management system to reduce the train speed

The ACSES project consists of developing a zone management system for temporarily reducing the speed of a train. CLIENT : […]

Test bench implemented on Siemens automaton

In order to test safety systems based on Simatic Siemens automatons, CLEARSY has developed a specific tool for this target […]

logo Methode B
Control of coherence between code and specifications

Control of coherence between code and specifications CLEARSY has the role of “external controller” within the context of developing these […]


The DIGISAFE technology and its communication protocol on Siemens automaton DIGISAFE is a technology developed by Siemens that is based […]

Système automatique d’exploitation des trains, ligne 1 (SAET L1)
Qualification consulting for MF2000

CLEARSY was hired to provide technical assistance in the verification of the ascending phase in the V cycle, meaning the […]

Stand-alone DSP board with ADC/DAC converter & RS485

ModemB is a stand-alone DSP board with 2 analog input channels (from 10kHz to 150kHz), a RS485 serial link, 16 […]

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