Development/Re-engineering of the safety part of the ground and on-board software of a CBTC

The purpose of this R&D project is to industrialize the previous STS projects in order to rapidly provide automatic or […]


The DIGISAFE technology and its communication protocol on Siemens automaton DIGISAFE is a technology developed by Siemens that is based […]

Electric vehicle traction drive project

The electric vehicle company is responsible for an electric traction drive system on board a 100% electric vehicle. CLIENT : […]

Annonces sonores
Embeded Audio announcement system (SAS)

The Onboard Announcement system developed by CLEARSY will be installed in the new Regiolis trains, operated by Alstom. Regiolis is […]

Event-b for the synthesizable VHDL

Forcoment project: Event-b for the synthesizable VHDL

Fire safety system supervision deployed in PARIS and Grand Paris metros

The central supervision system developed by CLEARSY allows RATP to concentrate, in a central fire safety station, the supervision (control […]

Système automatique d’exploitation des trains, ligne 1 (SAET L1)
Formal verification of RATP interlocking systems

The PMI L1 project consists of creating a process to check the computer signalling implemented on line 1, 3 bis […]

Direction générale de l'Armement
Formal verification of the interoperability of autonomous systems (OISAU)

The DGA (French Government Defence procurement and technology agency ) is the project manager of a study, which will define the […]

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