INFRABEL equipped with the new CLEARSY automated driving simulator

CLEARSY has just provided 6 automated driving simulators to the Belgian railway infrastructure manager INFRABEL, in order to carry out, among other things, the consistency tests of the track data on all routes of all ETCS level 1 lines in Belgium.

Opsimu, CLEARSY’s new train driving simulator, more ergonomic with its 3D visualisation

CLEARSY is launching a new version of its operational train driving simulator on tracks equipped with the European Rail Traffic […]

Fire safety system supervision deployed in PARIS and Grand Paris metros

The central supervision system developed by CLEARSY allows RATP to concentrate, in a central fire safety station, the supervision (control […]

Commande d’ouverture et la fermeture de façades de quais
platform screen doors control: Coppilot Paris

The crowded nature of certain stations in the Parisian subway and the high number of traveller intrusion on the tracks […]

Commande d’ouverture et la fermeture de façades de quais
platform screen doors control: Coppilot São Paulo

CLEARSY signed a contract for the development, delivery and installation of the SIL3 COPPILOT safety critical system, responsible for controlling […]

Vital Embedded Settings Generator (VESG)
KVB, beacon for speed control system

KVB is a system being developped by Alstom since 1990, which CLEARSY has contributed to. The KVB aims to record […]

Système de Contrôle Ponctuel de Vitesse Autonome (KPVA)
Overspeed detection system for Santiago Metro

Delivery of 30 autonomous ponctual speed controllers Pending the upcoming installation of a CBTC on its underground rail system, the […]

REGIOLIS commuter train: two on-board systems developed by CLEARSY

Regolis is a new generation of self-propelled train wagons designed by the manufacturer Alstom. This new generation of single-level train, […]

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