Safe power management system for the Paris T12 tramway line

16 October 2023

The power management system for the 3 sections of the T12 tramway line requires a SIL3 safety level in accordance with EN5012x. CLEARSY’s expertise was called upon for the security aspects and validation of the software.

The software includes the following functions:

  • Power supply interruption between two substations (SSIL0), with safe feedback (SSIL3)
  • Non-secure management of section power supply in the event of a substation fault (SSIL0)
  • Emergency disconnection of line traction current, safety function (SSIL3)
  • Communication with supervision, non-safety function (SSIL0)

CLEARSY’s mission was to produce the validation and safety documents, consolidate the approach to all software and verification activities, and defend the project before the assessor.

The T12 tram-train will link Massy to Évry-Courcouronnes. Its 16 stations will serve 12 towns and numerous urban projects.