CLEARSY joins forces with The Neat Company to integrate the CLEARSY Data Solver validation tool into the Horizon track plan editor!

2 May 2024

When editing a railway track plan, operators must respect certain safety constraints when positioning their objects.

For example, it’s crucial that transpoders are placed at an adequate distance from the switches to avoid any reading errors due to proximity to another track (crosstalk phenomenon, where the onboard reader in a train should not read the data emitted by the transpoder on the other track).

The CLEARSY Data Solver (T2 certified) now makes it possible to quickly and securely validate that the track plan edited with Horizon complies with these constraints.

Its integration makes Horizon particularly accessible to operators: a validation is performed in just two clicks, and the results, phrased in everyday language, are easily understandable.

The Horizon editor interface also highlights erroneous objects so that they can be corrected immediately, followed by a new validation.