Same 2005 Conference Exhibitions/conferences, Microelectronics

CLEARSY presented the R&D it is conducting with STMicroelectronics at the Same 2005 Conference and announces today that it will […]

Collaboration with Labsoc Exhibitions/conferences

Labsoc has selected our UML-B methodology works in the context of operating system models.

Lambda Mu 15 Conference Exhibitions/conferences

Controlling operational risks and safety. Lambda Mu 15 Conference in Lille from 9 to 12 October 2005. Meet CLEARSY at […]

AFIS 2006 Conference Exhibitions/conferences

Coppilot was presented on the occasion of the AFIS 2006 Conference (Association of French System Engineering) in Toulouse on May […]

AFADL’06 Exhibitions/conferences

CLEARSY participated in AFADL’06 (March 15, 16 and 17, 2006). Demonstration of a new support tool for system specifications: CompoSys. […]

Verification of the Coherence of the UML – ENST PA Exhibitions/conferences

Presentation by CLEARSY on the verification of Statecharts with the B Method.

SIFER 2017 – Come to see us ! Exhibitions/conferences, Railway

CLEARSY participates on SIFER 2017, from 21st till 23rd March 2017, in the Grand Palais in Lille. SIFER, has for […]

Swedish fair dedicated to the Rail Transport Sector Exhibitions/conferences, Railway

CLEARSY participated in the “Nordic Elmia Rail” fair, which took place from 6th to 8th October 2009, in Jonkoping in […]