CLEARSY and Centralp are teaming up for the development of the ETCS DMI.

21 July 2020

CLEARSY and Centralp are joining forces to develop the ETCS DMI. The ETCS DMI (Driver Machine Interface) is an essential component of the on-board part of the European Train Control System. A first prototype is expected by the end of 2017.

ETCS is one of the main elements of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), which exists in versions named Baselines. The latest version called Baseline 3 was issued in 2014 (Maintenance Release #1). The CLEARSY/Centralp partnership is about the design and development of the ETCS DMI for Baseline 3, in compliance with the European specifications and the SIL 2 requirements of the CENELEC 50126, EN50128, EN50129 norms. It combines the recognised expertise of both partners.

Specialised in electronic embedded systems, the Lyon based company Centralp designs visualisation consoles dedicated to industrial applications, especially for Railways. In this ETCS DMI design and development project, Centralp is in charge of the hardware. CLEARSY is bringing its expertise in the design and production of certified critical systems, as well as the design of safety critical software. CLEARSY is specifying, designing and developing the software. CLEARSY is also producing the safety file for the ETCS DMI and presenting it to the certification body.

ERTMS expert at CLEARSY, Patrick Deutsch is one of the instigators of the CLEARSY/Centralp partnership. « To facilitate the integration of safety critical functions, reduce the maintenance cost of the software and enable the optimisation of the re-certification process, we are developing a modern, simple and highly modular architecture, and designing interfaces with a high level of configuration and customisation. To increase the availability of the system, we are developing a solution based on two 8 inch screens which share the standard ETCS image. » If one screen fails, the other one can reconfigure itself to take account of the whole set of data to be displayed, with only a limited degradation of functions, to enable the train to continue running safely.

The ETCS DMI product will be available in three versions. The standard version with a 10 inch screen will be the first available on the market, followed by the dual 8 inch screens, for redundancy purposes. The third version will enable users to develop their own safety critical applications. By the end of 2017, the first prototypes will enter the test phase and placing on the market is foreseen in autumn 2018. The products (leaflet) will be commercialised by both partners.