UITP – Global transport Summit – Montreal from May 15th to 17th, 2017 – Booth 2 B 156

This international event gathers each year the political authorities, public transport companies operators, scientific institutes, service providers and of the public transportation industry. Come and meet our teams and discover the latest addition to Fersil range of products.

SIFER 2017 – Come to see us !

ClearSy participates on SIFER 2017, from 21st till 23rd March 2017, in the Grand Palais in Lille. SIFER, has for objective to collect the biggest actors of the railroad world and we shall present you all our novelties! All the … Continue reading

SIFER 2017 – Venez nous renconter !

ClearSy participe au salon  SIFER 2017, qui se tiendra du 21 au 23 mars 2017, au Grand Palais à Lille. Ce salon, a pour objectif de rassembler les plus grands acteurs du monde ferroviaire… et nous vous présenterons toutes nos … Continue reading

ClearSy organizes a technical seminar that will take place at Sherbrooke University, October 20, 2016 (from 10h30 to 12h).

The seminar, entitled “Proven software with B executing on Low Cost High integrity Platform”, is aimed at presenting the latest innovations concerning the use of the B formal method for the development of safety critical systems: “Atelier B has been heavily used in industry, mainly in the railways, for the development of proven safety critical software. Continue reading

ClearSy vital relay was creating the buzz during Innotrans

Vital relay certified SIL4 actually exists: ClearSy introduced it during the global railway conference Innotrans. In September at Innotrans in Berlin: ClearSy RS4.DIN.202.110V relay was exposed. It is the first relay guaranty on opening with a SIL4 certification, the highest … Continue reading

LCHIP project (Low Cost High Integrity Platform) will ease development of safety critical systems and software up to SIL4, the highest Safety Integrated Level.

LCHIP project (Low Cost High Integrity Platform) will ease development of safety critical systems and software up to SIL4, the highest Safety Integrated Level.
LCHIP platform is a combination of a B method (formal method) Integrated Development Environment and a secured runtime platform able to execute software in real-time. The IDE generates and mathematically proves critical software source code in an automated process. When it comes to simple algorithms, the IDE extends functionalities of Atelier B (software to develop in B method). The low cost runtime platform, which runs software from the IDE, is secured in real-time in order to provide an optimum safety. “Such a combination reduces ten times the cost of the secured platform” Thierry Lecomte, expert in Atelier B at ClearSy explains. Continue reading

ClearSy opened an office in Canton, Connecticut

From the US office, Clearsy is willing to better assist their clients and obtain a wider marketing presence in North America.
From the north American office, their ClearSy engineer wants to meet new clients and introduce ClearSy technologies. Finally, it will facilitate cooperation and project to design new solutions for North American Railway challenges. Continue reading

International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering

International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, ClearSy has been invited to share its return of experience in using formal methods for safe and secure industrial applications. Continue reading