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CLEARSY Safety Platform

A solution for safety critical applications. The CLEARSY Safety Platform is aimed at easing the development and the deployment of safety critical applications, up to SIL4.


CLEARSY Safety Platform

The CLEARSY Safety Platform is aimed at easing the development and the deployment of safety critical applications, up to SIL4. It relies on the smart integration of formal methods (including mathematical proof), redundant code generation and compilation, and a hardware platform that ensures a safe execution of the software.

The CLEARSY Safety Platform is made of an integrated software development environment (IDE) and a hardware platform that natively integrates safety principles.

Hence the software developer only has to focus on the functional design while mathematical proof replaces unit and integration software testing. There is no need for independent software development teams: redundant software is automatically produced from the single functional model.
Provided with a certification kit, the CLEARSY Safety Platform obviously lowers the cost to develop, certify and deploy a safety critical application (hardware and software).

The hardware platform is available either as a starter kit or as a daughter board to be integrated into in-house developments.

Safety built-in

The safety principles are built-in, both at software level and at hardware level (2oo2 hardware, 4oo4 software).
The software correctness is ensured by mathematical proof. The detection of any divergent behaviour among the two processors and the four instances of the software is handled by the platform. The safety verifications include cross checks between software instances and between microcontrollers, memory integrity, microcontroller instruction checker, etc.

CLEARSY Safety Platform boards may be combined to improve availability.
The safety principles are out of reach of the developer who cannot alter them.

A formal process

The B formal method, at the core of the development process, reduces development, deployment and certification costs. Mathematical proof ensures that the software complies with its specification (functional model) and guarantees the absence of programming errors while avoiding unit testing and integration testing.
Moreover only one functional model is used to produce automatically the redundant software, avoiding the need to have two independent teams for its development.

The CLEARSY Safety Platform could be adapted to another development specific process used by the customer.


The CLEARSY Safety Platform targets control-command applications.

In its current form, it allows developing cyclic applications (read inputs and current time, perform computations, command outputs), run directly on the hardware without any underlying operating system. There is no predefined cycle time to comply with: the application is run as fast as possible and the time information is managed directly by the application software.

With PIC32 microcontrollers, the platform offers up to 100 MIPS for lightweight applications handling Boolean and INTEGER data.

Fit for education

CLEARSY Safety Platform is being used for education in Europe, Northern and Southern America by Universities and Engineering Schools.

A starter kit SK0, developed with the support of the French R&D project FUI LCHIP (Low Cost High Integrity Platform), is commercially available since Q4 2017.

A pedagogical kit (support documentation, exercises, models) allows teachers and researchers to seamlessly initiate courses for students up to Master 2.

CLEARSY Safety Platform

Ready for industry

The building blocks of this technology have already been certified (SIL3 and SIL4) in several railway projects worldwide, in particular the CLEARSY systems for opening and closing platform screen doors in São Paulo and Stockholm.

It is also used in some other new systems currently designed by CLEARSY.
The IDE is built on top of a formal CASE tool, used to generate safety critical applications for more than 30% CBTC metros worldwide including fully driverless applications.

CLEARSY Safety Platform  Platform will be provided as a daughter board to be included in in-house designs, together with a complete development environment and a certification kit. Support services are available to educate engineers and to help integrating the CLEARSY Safety Platform.